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About me

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Anat Grynberg – Osteopath D.O.

Diploma of Osteopathy – Wingate Academic College, School of Osteopathy

Member of the Israeli Register of Osteopaths


Becoming an osteopath was an evolution in my mind and a change of career. I was trained as an engineer and worked in marketing for many years. All my life I used ‘alternative’ medicines such as homeopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture and brought all my babies to an osteopath for check-ups and treatments.

I choose to learn osteopathy as it is a very scientific alternative medicine. Based on the deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. It mixed my two sides of being scientific and empathic. I like especially in osteopathy the need to be very precise, yet creative and imaginative. Every patient is different, even if many have ‘back pains’ or ‘headaches’.

I feel fulfilled when:

•       A patient goes back to the sport or activity he/she likes: walking, cycling, sports

•       A parent calls me to tell me that the torticollis, the sleep disorder or the reflux or their baby is much             better (and so can they sleep better too)

•       A parent tells me their child is less hyperactive

•       My osteopathic treatment helps people to feel better and to enjoy life again

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that brings back the mobility to the various structures of the body and reconstructs its function. Based on the fact that the body has the capability to heal itself, the osteopathic treatment identifies the exact location of a tension or lack of movement and releases it.

Osteopathy is holistic. It looks at the body as a whole and treats the root cause of a problem by doing an accurate physical manipulation of muscles, tissues, vessels, organs or bones. From head to toes, osteopathy reconstructs the function of your body and helps you with almost any pain or medical trouble.

It can be surprising for the first time to hear that a ‘stuck’ stomach, limits your left elbow movement, or that a ‘stuck’ liver can give pain in your right shoulder, but this is how our body reacts and responds. Osteopaths use special physical tests to identify the trouble and then provide the right physical treatment to resolve it. Fascia, muscles, vessels, organs, ligaments are some of our body's structures which are inter-related. When they cannot move properly in our body, tensions will appear, that will in turn cause us pain, limitations or diseases.

It takes five years of comprehensive anatomy and physiology studies combined with real practical experience to become a certified osteopath (D.O. - Diploma of Osteopathy).

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